Cody Navarro Blog

11/14/2021: New Patreon Page 

With my desktop version of a primitive studio setup, I recorded three new songs today, two of which I have uploaded here on the site, one which was for a Nashville songwriter. I was encouraged by friends and family to create a Patreon so that I could devote more time to recording and writing new music. If you have an interest in furthering this dream of mine to be a full time jazz diva, please visit the Patreon page and choose any tier you feel comfortable with.


02/20/2021: So What's a Hug Tunnel? 

This Friday, February 26th, I have the privilege of performing Jazz Standards at a local senior facility's Hug Tunnel event. One of the many hardships created by the COVID-19 crisis is the need for restricted interactions between the elderly community and the outside world as a safety precaution and preventive measure to protect our senior citizens from the spread of the virus. Unfortunately these safety restrictions include face-to-face family visits and much needed hugs.

The Hug Tunnel is a way for family and friends to visit while minimizing exposure to the outside environment and COVID dangers. Check out this YouTube video for more information on Hug Tunnels:

Windsor senior home brings in Hug Tunnel for residents